Model Post Office at the PPIE
Postcard of the Model Post Office
Exhibit, Ackley Collection

Do you have a PPIE artifact about which you'd like to know more? Perhaps you know of an architectural or sculptural remnant of the PPIE located in your neighborhood.

I'm happy to try to help you find out more information. I may be able to assist with:

  • Confirming whether an item is from the PPIE
  • Giving you a little more information about the history of the item or fragment
  • Telling you how rare or common your item is
  • Pinpointing the original location of the item at the PPIE (where applicable)
  • Providing an estimate of its value (based on current auction prices where applicable, no guarantees folks!)
I'm also attempting to locate and verify as many of the remaining buildings, fixtures, sculptures and items exhibited at the PPIE as possible, so any leads are always appreciated.

Panorama of the PPIE
Panoramic view of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
Viewbook, Ackley Collection